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We aim at becoming a leading advisor on strategic analysis through conscious and systematic introduction of innovative IT, analytical and advisory tools, with emphasis on the highest quality and reliability of provided studies as well as through well - trained and engaged team.


Our experts are highly qualified specialists who take advantage of their skills and experience obtained through working in institutions, organizations and companies closely linked to finances, banking and the protection of economic interests of the state, to name but a few.


We ensure safe entry into new markets, acquiring new suppliers and initiating cooperation with economic operators after appropriate selection. We operate in the European Union and specialize in issues concerning Central and Eastern Europe.
Our firm is the leader in the use of instruments for diagnosing organizations and their environment in a way that allows to devise appropriate strategy and carry it out wherever adjusting and reacting to particular conditions in near or more distant future is of particular importance, as well as in reacting to threats and exploring potential possibilities with the use of Contingency Planning tools.



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