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We offer complex support service for managing personnel in working out and consolidating the strongest possible position on the market and in competition with rivals.

Our analyses help you achieve set selling targets and avoid potential threats while reaching it.

Our services are as follows:


1. Research and analyses of rivalry in the field in order to support strategic decision-making in an organization – we provide analysis on the basis of monitoring of a given branch of the market, industry or a group of firms. We can also focus our efforts on a subject chosen by our customer. In a fast and efficient way, we carry out operations whose aim is to provide information which enables customers to take key, strategic decisions on activity that are being conducted.

  • We predict potential steps of key competitors.
  • We provide strategic counsel based on a set of scientific methods „Action Research”.
  • We produce analyses of a given sector and rivalry in the field supported by monitoring of legislative changes, the most important media or key influential circles.
  • On the basis of our strategic analysis, we support marketing and selling activities while making use of geographical information system’s tools, databases which are at our disposal and the most modern communication tools.
  • We develop chosen production spheres through optimization of logistic processes while making use of IT tools including geographical information system.


2. Strategic, market and competitive intelligence – we provide information and analysis concerning launching new product, a new economic operator entering the market, looking for partners, subcontractors and suppliers. We provide information about a chosen economic operator – an owner, management, property, products, partners, suppliers, connections, intellectual ownership. At our customer’s request we enrich our reports by adding psychological analysis of a future partner or competitor.

  • We personalize our marketing activities in reference to the structure of clientele in a pointed localization, improve salespeople’s performance and optimize selling nets on the basis of analyses of customers’ potential’s  distribution.
  • We collect customers’ opinions and recommendations using FEEDBACK tools, which helps increase the effectiveness of selling and marketing strategies.
  • We use multi-criterion spatial analysis consisting of the host of appropriately matched analyses and particle modeling, which find their application at the start of business activity when localization factors play an important role. They are also used to optimize existing companies’ performance.
  • We verify data concerning key business partners and contractors.
  • We support the process of candidates’ selection for chosen posts taking into consideration the highest standards of business security.


3. Audits and counsel on security organization – company’s status quo analysis on the basis of binding universal regulations, national and international norms, or good practice. We support the process of implementing organizational and functional solutions which are in full agreement with the principle of maintaining business continuity in emergencies and protecting an organization against the loss of key information referred to as company’s secrets e.g. intellectual property, know-how, technology etc.

  • We optimize safety standards inside and outside the company.
  • We implement the system of organizational – functional solutions aiming at achieving the highest level of business safety.
  • We ensure professional legal counsel on protection of distinguishing mark, ownership rights and protection of information referred to as company’s secrets.
  • We verify the conformity with the corporate compliance and conduct trainings for employees.
  • We identify and neutralize industrial espionage.
  • We provide information on factual level of protection of IT systems and give recommendations.
  • ·         We identify threats coming from connecting to different networks (e.g. local with public Internet) and also potential threats originating from Internet activity of inner network users.
  • We carry out audits of IT devices, software, licenses and systems.
  • After familiarizing with specificity of the work and on the basis of our analyses we work out the Policy of Information Protection.


4. Training and managing personnel and employees’ selection – team selection and trainings in company’s or institution’s security in its broad sense and procedures in emergencies.

  • Support in creating and operating competitive and market intelligence team in a company.
  • Trainings for teams responsible for conducting research and analyses of competitive environment.
  • Trainings for selling teams in competitive intelligence.
  • Trainings in obtaining and protection of information.
  • Reading materials and guides on information policy.
  • Information security and physical security in a company.


5. Organization of meetings – we identify the decisionmaker(s), arrange meetings and provide full logistic support, if needed, of activities, business stays and ensure confidentiality of the meetings and security of information including physical security on the basis of knowledge and experience of our experts on protection of people belonging to a group of venture.

In order to ensure comprehensive solutions, we broaden mentioned above offer to the organization and service of business stays, which is as follows:

  • Providing and analyzing information introducing issues which are of our customer’s interest. Organization of arrivals, transfers, arranging meetings.
  • Providing detailed information and reports as well as meetings support, transport, place and equipment for conducting talks and ensuring protection of people and information.
  • Supporting our customer after making market entry or establishing cooperation including market and competition monitoring in order to react quickly to dynamic changes of on market.



We also offer:



  • Profesjonalizm

  • Dyskrecja

  • Jakość

  • Bezpieczeństwo

  • Kompleksowość



  • Śledztwa

  • Wywiad

  • Analiza

  • Wywiad konkurencyjny

  • Wywiad rynkowy

  • Wywiad informatyczny

  • Kontrwywiad

  • Wsparcie podczas fuzji i przejęcia

  • Due diligence

  • Benchmarking

  • Ocena wiarygodności podmiotów i osób

  • Bezpieczeństwo domu i rodziny

  • Szkolenia