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We make use of our expertise and experience in the fields involved with obtaining, analyzing and utilizing information on economic activity.

Our team is composed of experts on: 

  • business analyses and strategic counsel on examining competitive environment
  • spatial analyses on optimization of sales network and assessing the usefulness of investable land
  • obtaining, analyzing and providing information
  • verification of business partners’ value and credibility
  • pharmaceutics
  • finances and banking
  • modern technologies
  • armaments industry
  • national and international security



Chief Assets

•    Professionalism

•    Quality

•    Safety

•    Comprehensiveness 


Range of Activities

•    Strategic consulting

•    Competitors’ strategies analyses

•    Competitive intelligence

•    Market intelligence

•    Geopolitical intelligence

•    IT intelligence

•    Corporate counterintelligence

•    Support during fusions and takeovers

•    Due diligence

•    Benchmarking

•    Assessment of credibility of economic operators and people

•    Schoolings